Strange goings-on involving George W. Bush and his friend James R. Bath in Bush's military records:

Why were Lt Bush & Maj Bath (later Bush's financial backer & his connection to the Bin Laden family) both suspended from flying in Aug-Sep of 1972, for the same reason? We can speculate, but the administration is dodging the question.

Here is the version of Administrative Order 87 as received by Marty Heldt in response to a FOIA request. Please pay attention to paragraphs 6 and 7:

Following are 2 versions of the same document as released by the White House on 2/13/04.

Question: why has the name "James R. Bath" in paragraph 7 been redacted, when, and by whom? Please note that Bath's is the only name redacted in these documents. Names of other servicemen, such as Capt. Dennis M. Hyatt, have not been redacted.

Is it a coincidence that Bush's friend Jim Bath, a Major in Texas Air National Guard, was suspended from flying a month after Lt. Bush, and for the same reason?

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